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I don’t know much about astrophysics. But there are some subjects in astro physics that I’m interested in. for example the scale and the position of solar systems objects in space and the path they are moving around the sun and in the galaxy or universe, so I tried to make a 3D scene using Three.js and show the solar system planets in it. so I asked ChatGBT about solar system objects. Here is the answer I got.

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Object diameter (Km) Orbital Period (days) Distance from Sun (AU)
Sun 1,391,000 (stationary) (center of system)
Mercury 4,880 88 0.39
Venus 12,104 225 0.72
Earth 12,742 365.24 1
Mars 6,779 687 1.52
Jupiter 139,822 4,333 5.20
Saturn 116,460 10,759 9.58
Uranus 50,724 30,687 19.18
Neptune 49,244 60,190 30.07
Pluto 2,377 90,560 39.48

But wait, something is wrong. We know that solar system planets’ orbital path around the sun is not a circle, and they are not aligned on the same plane. so I decided to do some more research.

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To be continued …

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